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About this Course

This is an introductory course that is mainly intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals.

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The free online textbook for this course is Mac OS X Unleashed. You should begin by reading the complete Introduction to the book.

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Indicates links that take you away from the Free-Ed.Net site. Use the links on these offsite pages carefully, and use the Back function on your browser to return to these assigments.

Study References

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Command-Line Reference
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Administration Reference


Lesson 4. The Finder: Working with Files and Applications

Reading Assignments

Read the following sections from your free online textbook:

Offsite link Using the Finder
Offsite link Finder Status Bar
Offsite link Finder Toolbar
Offsite link Finder File Operations
Offsite link Getting File Information
Offsite link The Desktop and Finder Preferences
Offsite link Burning CDs
Offsite link Using the Dock
Offsite link Customizing the Dock
Offsite link Process Manager: Force Quitting Applications

Learning Activities

  1. Use this search box to refine and expand your understanding of new terms and concepts in the reading assignments.

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  1. offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Read the Summary of the lesson.

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