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About this Course

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This course is intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals.

The free online textbook for this course is Visual C++   6 Unleashed. Read the Introduction to the book.

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Lesson 7. Working with the Traditional Controls

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Displaying static text with the Label control
  • Allowing users to enter text using a text box
  • Creating password fields
  • Working with buttons
  • Using panels, group boxes, check boxes, and option buttons
  • Displaying lists with list boxes and combo boxes

Reading Assignments

Read the following sections from your free online textbook:

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Displaying Static Text with the Label Control
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Allowing Users to Enter Text Using a Text Box
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Creating Buttons
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Creating Containers and Groups of Option Buttons
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Displaying a List with the List Box
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Creating Drop-Down Lists Using the Combo Box

Learning Activities

  1. Use this search box to refine and expand your understanding of new terms and concepts in the reading assignments.

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  1. offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Read the Summary of the lesson.
  2. offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Test your understanding with the Q&A.
  3. offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Visit the online Workshop.
    Return here after completing your Workshop session.
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