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This course is intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals. You need Windows and Visual C++ installed.

The free online textbook for this course is Visual C++ 6 Unleashed . Read the Introduction to the book.

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Lesson 21. MFC Database Classes

The Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) encompass several classes that you can use to provide a simpler C++ interface to databases. These classes are particularly useful when quickly generating applications that present a simple, consistent interface to the user.

MFC provides classes for using the open database connectivity (ODBC) API to interface with ODBC datasources, as well as classes for working with object linking and embedding databases (OLE DB) and Data Access Objects (DAO) to work with desktop databases. In this chapter, you will look at the ODBC classes specifically, although the OLE DB and DAO classes are very similar. You can find more information on the DAO classes and OLE DB classes in the online documentation. In addition, OLE DB database classes are covered more extensively in the next chapter.

Reading Assignments

Read the following sections from your free online textbook:

offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Using the AppWizard to Generate MFC Classes
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) The CRecordset Class
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) The CRecordView Class
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) The CDatabase Class
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Exception Handling
offiste01.jpg (430 bytes) Bulk Row Operations

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