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Lesson Index
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Lesson 1. Introduction to Critical Thinking
Lesson 2. Recognizing Arguments
Lesson 3. Basic Logical Concepts
Lesson 4. Language
Lesson 5. Logical Fallacies-1
Lesson 6. Logical Fallacies-2
Lesson 7. Analyzing Arguments
Lesson 8. Evaluating Arguments
Lesson 9. A Little Categorical Logic
Lesson 10. A Little Propositional Logic
Lesson 11. Inductive Reasoning
Lesson 12. Finding, Evaluating, and Using Sources
Lesson 13. Writing Argumentative Essays
Lesson 14. Thinking Critically about the Media
Lesson 15. Science and Pseudoscience

The content of this course is built around the Online Learning Center for Critical Thinking, Second Edition, by Bassham, Irwin, Nardone, and Wallace.

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