A Video Course:
English as a Second Language

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info  view      1  Rebecca's Dream
info  view      2  Differences
info  view      3  A Visit to the Doctor
info  view      4  Celebrations
info  view      5  Breaking the News
info  view      6  Saying Goodbye
info  view      7  Leaving Home
info  view      8  The Stranger
info  view      9  The Motel
info  view    10  Negotiations
info  view    11  Photos and Farewells
info  view    12  A New Home
info  view    13  Job Hunting
info  view    14  A Bad Day
info  view    15  A Night Out
info  view    16  First Day of Class
info  view    17  Casey at Bat
info  view    18  The Art Gallery
info  view    19  The Picnic
info  view    20  Prejudice
info  view    21  A Difficult Decision
info  view    22  Guitar Lessons
info  view    23  The Retirement Party
info  view    24  The Phone Call
info  view    25  Review
info  view    26  The Emergency
info  view    27  Bad News
info  view    28  Brothers
info  view    29  Grief
info  view    30  Life Goes On
info  view    31  A Box of Memories
info  view    32  The Missing Car
info  view    33  The Breakdown
info  view    34  A Call for Help
info  view    35  Changes
info  view    36  The Farm
info  view    37  Thanksgiving
info  view    38  Starting Over
info  view    39  The Pressure's On
info  view    40  Sharing Feelings
info  view    41  Unexpected Offers
info  view    42  The Audition
info  view    43  Dreamcatcher
info  view    44  Gifts
info  view    45  True Love
info  view    46  Friendship
info  view    47  The Lost Boys
info  view    48  A Very Good Year
info  view    49  Introduction
info  view    50  Meet the Discussion Group

About This Study Program

esl01.jpg (13858 bytes)This study program is based upon the video series, Connect With English, a video instructional series in English as a second language for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. The series consists of 50 fifteen-minute video programs.

The video presentations are provided here courtesy of Annenberg Media.


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