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Unit 8 The Human Urogenital Systems

Lessons and Study Modules
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Lesson 1 The Human Urinary System

Module 8-1 Definition
Module 8-2 Introduction
Module 8-3 The Kidney
Module 8-4 Ureters
Module 8-5 Urinary Bladder
Module 8-6 Urethra
Lesson 2 Introduction to Human Genital (Reproductive) System
Module 8-7 Sexual Dimorphisms
Module 8-8 Advantages of Double Parenting
Module 8-9 Major Component Categories of the Genital Systems
Lesson 3 The Human Female Genital System
Module 8-10 Primary Sex Organs (Ovaries)
Module 8-11 Secondary Sex Organs
Module 8-12 Secondary Sexual Characteristics
Module 8-13 Mammary Glands
Lesson 4 The Human Male Genital System
Module 8-14 Primary Sex Organs (Testes)
Module 8-15 Secondary Sex Organs
Module 8-16 Secondary Sexual Characteristics

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