It probably goes without saying that iTunes is the leading source of commercial music downloads. There is a special department at iTunes, however, that provides free podcasts. That is the education part of the business, known as iTunes U. You can watch or listen to thousands of lectures and tutorials—everything from elementary school arithmetic to international relations and astrophysics. iTunes U is a rich resource for free education. And it is impossible for Free-Ed.Net to overlook such exciting resources. This article describes how to use the links on Free-Ed.Net that point to features at iTunes U.

So what's the big deal about linkinag to iTunes U? Here's the answer: The procedure for getting from Free-Ed.Net to iTunes U can seem a bit awkward at first. iTunes does not permit direct links to a particular lecture (or track, as they are called at iTunes). So when you click a link at Free-Ed.Net, you are first taken to a web page version of the iTunes U "album."

But you aren't done yet. This is just a web version. You have to click one of the faint View In iTunes links. It doesn't seem to matter which one.

Then you are taken to iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you will be given the chance to do so ... here, at this point in the procedure.

Now suppose you are finally at iTunes U. Simply click the title you want to use.

You can also download the lessons to your computer and mobile device. How? Click the FREE button.

Take good notes, and make generous use of the pause button.




David L. Heiserman, Editor

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