The History and Structure of
American Law Enforcement

This is a mini-course that is  built around reading assignments from one of the leading Criminal Justice textbooks.

If you are new to the notion of intensive self-directed learning, you can learn a lot about the topic by doing the reading assignments and completing the quizzes  that are included in the Closing Material.

On the other hand,  if you are accustomed (or determined to become accustomed) to intensive self-learning processes, you will find this mini-course to be a valuable guild for launching your own studies on these seminal subjects  Criminal Justice and Law  Enforcement..

The reading assignments for this mini-course are from a free online sample chapter for the textbook, Introduction to Criminal Justice, 7/e.

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Introductory Material

Outline and Learning Objectives
The Limited Authority of American Law Enforcement

Part 1: History

English Roots
The Development of American Law Enforcement
History of Four Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Part 2: Structure

The Structure of American Law Enforcement
The Department of Homeland Security
American Private Security

Closing Material

Key Terms and Review Questions
In the Field and On the Net
Critical Thinking Questions


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