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Lesson 19. Magnetic Forces and Fields

These are the terms and concepts you should master to the level you have set for yourself:

  • Magnetic Fields
  • Magnetic Force on a Point Charge
  • Charged Particle Moving Perpendicularly to a Uniform Magnetic Field
  • Motion of a Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic Field: General
  • A Charged Particle in Crossed E⃗ and B⃗ Fields
  • Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire
  • Torque on a Current Loop
  • Magnetic Field due to an Electric Current
  • Ampère's Law
  • Magnetic Materials

Assignment 1

Take a close look at the terms and concepts listed above. Use the search box to find definitions and brief explanations. For the first part of this lesson, a descriptive understanding is more important than a mathematical one. Think about how you would explain the concept to someone else, and make sketches and notes in your Learning Journal.

Assignment 2

Master the Concepts from the publisher's companion website.

Check your skills with the Multiple-Choice Quiz.


Finally, browse these two resources for material relevant to this lesson:

The form and much of the content of this course refer to a specific textbook: Giambattista's College Physics,4/e.  The author and publisher, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, had no part in the production of this course, nor is any endorsement or affiliation implied.

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