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Lesson 16. Electric Forces and Fields

These are the terms and concepts you should master to the level you have set for yourself:

  • Electric Charge
  • Electric Conductors and Insulators
  • Coulomb's Law
  • The Electric Field
  • Motion of a Point Charge in a Uniform Electric Field
  • Conductors in Electrostatic Equilibrium
  • Gauss's Law for Electric Fields

Assignment 1

Take a close look at the terms and concepts listed above. Use the search box to find definitions and brief explanations. For the first part of this lesson, a descriptive understanding is more important than a mathematical one. Think about how you would explain the concept to someone else, and make sketches and notes in your Learning Journal.

Assignment 2

Master the Concepts from the publisher's companion website.

Study each of the items in the Mastering the Concepts portion of the companion website. Use the search box to check on any terms that are unclear or unfamiliar.

Now turn your attention to the equations listed in the Concepts. Search for the meaning of each term in the equations, and set aside a page or two in your Learning Journal for a complete summary of the equations, including the definitions of each term.

Explore the Physics video playlist from The Kahn Academy for presentations related to this lesson.


Check your skills with the Multiple-Choice Quiz.


Finally, browse these two resources for material relevant to this lesson:

The form and much of the content of this course refer to a specific textbook: Giambattista's College Physics,4/e.  The author and publisher, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, had no part in the production of this course, nor is any endorsement or affiliation implied.

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