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Lesson 1. Introduction

These are the terms and concepts you should master to the level you have set for yourself:

  • Scientific Notation and Significant Figures
  • Units
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Approximation
  • Graphs

Assignment 1

Read the introductory chapter of  online version of the textbook.
This feature is important for learners who need to brush up on the math. Take your time working the exercises.

Assignment 2

Master the Concepts from the publisher's companion website.

Make sure you understand the meaning of each of the items. Refer to the online version of Chapter 1 where necessary for a fuller understanding of an item.

Assignment 3

Experiment with the Interactives listed in the box in the upper-left corner of the companion website.

Assignment 4

Use the Multiple-Choice Quiz to check your understanding of the objectives for this lesson.

Finally, browse these two resources for material relevant to this lesson:

The form and much of the content of this course refer to a specific textbook: Giambattista's College Physics,4/e.  The author and publisher, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, had no part in the production of this course, nor is any endorsement or affiliation implied.

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