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Unit 4 Diesel Fuel Systems

The diesel fuel injection system is a major component of a properly operating engine for trucks, coaches, and heavy construction vehicles. An engine out of adjustment can cause excessive exhaust smoke, poor fuel economy, heavy carbon buildup within the combustion chambers, and short engine life.

Here you will learn about the different type of diesel fuel systems, how the components function to provide fuel to the engine in proper quantities, and servicing of the diesel fuel systems.

4-1 Diesel Fuel Systems

Learning Objective: Identify the properties of diesel fuel. Describe the function and operation of governors and fuel system components.

4-2 Methods of Injection

Learning Objective: Describe the principles and operation of the different diesel fuel systems.

4-3 Superchargers and Turbochargers

Learning Objective:  Describe the operation of and the differences between superchargers and turbochargers

4-4 Cold Weather Starting

Learning Objective: Identify the different types of cold weather starting aids.

4-5 Diesel Fuel System Maintenance

Learning Objective: Describe the basic maintenance required for a diesel fuel system.

4-6 General Troubleshooting

Learning Objective: Describe general troubleshooting techniques used in the maintenance of a diesel fuel system.

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