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a. Awaken the patient early enough so that he may:

(1) Perform morning care.

(2) Complete last-minute personal measures.

(3) Remove nightclothes.

(4) Visit with family.

b. Take and record vital signs.

c. Administer preoperative medication if ordered. This medicine:

(1) Enhances the effectiveness of anesthesia.

(2) Decreases the side effects of nausea/vomiting from anesthesia.

(3) Produces anti-anxiety.

(4) Dries up secretions.

d. Provide for the patient's security by placing side rails in the up position and by placing a call bell within the patient's reach once preoperative medication is given.

e. Assist the operating room technician to position the patient on the OR litter and make the patient comfortable.

f. "Sign out" the patient on the Nursing Notes, to include:

(1) Date.

(2) Time.

(3) Event.

(4) Status of patient.

g. "Sign off" in the appropriate block on the Surgical Checklist.


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