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This course is concerned with the blood tests performed in the hematology section of the laboratory. The purpose of these tests is to aid the physician in diagnosis. Thus, these tests are important and often essential to the health and life of the patient. Thorough study of this course should enable you to better fulfill your role in health care.



Lesson  1 Blood

1-1 The Composition of Blood
1-2 Formation of Blood Cells
1-3 Normal Cell Maturation
1-4 Abnormal Cell Maturation
1-5 Functions of Blood Cells
Exercises for Lesson 1

Lesson 2. Material Employed in Hematology

2-1 Laboratory Reagents
2-2 Laboratory Glassware
2-3 Laboratory Equipment
Exercises for Lesson 2

Lesson 3  Collection of Blood and Preparation of Blood Smears

3-1 Collection of Blood Specimens
3-2 Preparation and Staining of Blood Smears
Exercises for Lesson 3

Lesson 4 Morphology of Blood Cells

4-1 General Information
4-2 Erythrocytes
4-3 Leukocytes
4-4 Thrombocytes
Exercises for Lesson 4

Lesson 5 Manual Cell Counts

5-1 Manual Counts, Blood Specimens
5-2 Manual Counts, Other Body Fluids
Exercises for Lesson 5

Lesson 6 Hematocrit, Erythocyte Sedimentation Rate, and Hemoglobin

6-1 Hematocrit
6-2 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
6-3 Hemoglobin
Exercises for Lesson 6

Lesson 7  Differential Leukocyte Count and Other Procedures

7-1 Differential Leukocyte Count
7-2 Erythrocyte Indices and Fragility Tests
7-3 Demonstration of L.E. Cells
7-4 Special Stains
Exercises for Lesson 7

Lesson 8 Blood Coagulation

8-1 Introduction
8-2 Coagulation System
8-3 The Coagulation Mechanism
8-4 Coagulation Studies
Exercises for Lesson 8

Lesson 9 Anemia

9-1 Diagnosing Anemia
9-2 Laboratory Assessment of Anemia
9-3 Anemia as Categorized by Morphology
Exercises for Lesson 9

Lesson 10 Leukemia

10-1 Morphologic Disorders of the Leukocyte
10-2 Classification of Leukemias
10-3 Diagnostic Special Stains
Exercises for lesson 10

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