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Lesson 4 Child Abuse

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the circumstances that bring suspicion of child abuse.
  • Identify the different types and signs/ symptoms of child abuse.
  • Identify factors that relate to sexual child abuse.
  • Identify the behavior of an adult suspected of child abuse.

Select a study unit:

4-1. Introduction
4-2. Definitions
4-3. Myths About Child  Abuse
4-4. Profile of the Abused Child
4-5. Behavior of Adult Suspected of Child Abuse
4-6. Circumstances that Arouse Suspicion of Child Abuse
4-7. Types of Child Abuse
4-8. Management of the Abused Child
4-9. The Sexually Molested Child
4-10. Prevention of Child Abuse
4-11. Summary

Exercises  for Lesson 4

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