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Lesson 1 The Reproductive Systems

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the various parts of the female and male reproductive systems
  • Identify functions of the female and male reproductive organs
  • Identify the pathway of ova in the female reproductive system
  • Identify the pathway of sperm in the male reproductive system
  • Identify the major events of pregnancy

Select a study unit:

The Female Reproductive System

1-1. Introduction
1-2. External Genitalia
1-3. Internal Genitalia
1-4. Mammary Glands
1-5. Pathway of an Ovum

The Male Reproductive System

1-6. Introduction
1-7. External Organs
1-8. Internal Organs
1-9. Pathway of Sperm Cells

Events of Pregnancy

1-10. Introduction
1-11. Fertilization
1-12. Implantation
1-13. Gestation
1-14. Parturition
1-15. Review of Pregnancy Event Terms

Exercises  for Lesson 1

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