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1-5. Pathway of an Ovum

The descriptions and functions of the female reproductive organs have been given. Here is the pathway of an ovum from an ovary to the uterus.

a. On a monthly alternating basis, each ovary produces a mature ovum (egg).

b. Ova are located in spaces in the ovary called follicles.

c. An ovum matures and bursts out of the ovarian follicle into the appropriate fallopian tube.

e. If the ovum is not fertilized, it is discharged from the body in a process called menstruation. The lining of the uterus disintegrates in response to decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood.

f. If the ovum is fertilized, it becomes implanted in the uterus where the egg goes through a series of cell divisions. Growth and development of the ovum in the uterus through the embryo and fetus phases eventually results in childbirth.

Figure 1-2. Pathway of an ovum.


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