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1. Handwashing is the most important procedure for:

a. Cleansing the hands.
b. Breaking the cycle of infection.
c. Decontaminating the skin.
d. Cleansing an open skin lesion.

2. Which is not one of the purposes of the two-minute handwashing procedures?

a. Maintain safe, clean environment for patients.
b. Prevent nosocomial infection.
c. Prevent cross-contamination or spread of microorganisms.
d. Destroy all microorganisms to prevent their transmission.

3. Before you begin working with patients, you should perform a:

a. one-minute handwash.
b. two-minute handwash.
c. three-minute handwash.
d. five-minute handwash.

4. Before caring for another patient, a handwash should be sufficient.

a. 30-second.
b. one-minute.
c. two-minute.
d. five-minute.

5. The handwash should be appropriate if you have handled organic materials or a contaminated object.

a. 30-second.
b. one-minute.
c. two-minute.
d. five-minute.

6. The first step in performing the two-minute handwash is:

a. Inspect hands, observing for visible dirt.
b. Assess areas around the sink.
c. Determine contaminate of hands.
d. Explain to the patient the importance of handwashing.

7. Remove all jewelry for the handwash except:

a. Diamonds.
b. Necklaces.
c. Plain wedding bands.
d. Your watch.

8. Lather your hands with:

a. Liquid soap.
b. Bar soap.
c. Liquid or bar soap.
d. None of the above.

9. To perform the two-minute handwash:

a. Rinse thoroughly for one minute, then wash with soap for one minute.
b. Wash one minute, rinse thoroughly, relather, and wash another minute.
c. Wash for a minute and a half, and rinse thoroughly for a half minute.
d. None of the above.

10. You should turn off the faucet with:

a. The towel used for drying your hands.
b. A clean, damp paper towel.
c. A dry paper towel.
d. Either of the above.

Answers to Exercises for Lesson 5



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