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A bed cradle is used to keep the weight of bed coverings off the body part to be protected. Moreover, the dimensions of the bed cradle enable the limbs to be elevated on pillows when necessary. When using the bed cradle, bed making is modified for protection and comfort of the patient and to maintain a neat appearance. The following equipment and procedures are appropriate when a bed cradle is to be used.

a. Equipment. The equipment required when using a bed cradle follows:

(1) Bed cradle, standard model or field (collapsible).

(2) Roller bandage.

(3) Usual allowance of bed linen, plus one additional sheet and blanket.

b. Procedure. The bed foundation is completed as for the patient occupied bed. Proceed as follows:

(1) Place the cradle in position over the patient, with no part in contact with a body part. Secure the cradle in place with bandage loops tied to the bedframe.

(2) Place the top covers to provide adequate covering for the shoulders, then drag these ends over the head-end of the cradle.

(3) Place the additional blanket and covering sheet crosswise over the cradle, overlapping the top covers with the surplus toward the foot of the bed.

(4) Tuck the surplus edges of the cradle covering under the foot of the mattress. Miter corners, arranging the top folds to hang free. Fold back the overlapped covers as required for access to the body part protected by the cradle.

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