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Sitz Bath. The sitz bath cleanses and aids in reducing inflammation of the perineal and anal areas. It is for patients who have undergone rectal or vaginal surgery or childbirth. The sitz bath also relieves discomfort from hemorrhoids or fissures. Two kinds of sitz baths are shown in figures 1-1 and figure 1-2. Water temperature should be maintained at 110F (about 43C). The sitz bath should last from 20 to 30 minutes.

Figure 1-1. Built-in sitz bath.


Figure 1-2. Disposable sitz bath

Cool Water Tub Bath. The cool water bath is given to relieve tension or lower the body temperature. Care must be taken to prevent the patient from chilling. The water temperature is tepid, not cold (98.6F (37C]).

Warm Water Tub Bath. The warm water bath is primarily to reduce muscle extension. Recommended water temperature is 109.4F (43C).

Hot Water Tub Bath. The hot water tub bath is given to assist in relieving muscle soreness and muscle spasm. The procedure is not recommended for children. For adults, the water temperature should be 113 to 115F (45 to 46C).


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