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The nurses and medical assistants caring for patients provide a valuable service to their patients. She must meet high standards with integrity, dignity, calm thinking, and careful study. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of the procedures discussed herein; however, you must receive guidance and hands-on supervision to become proficient at the procedures described.

Select your study modules from the items listed below. You will find text material, exams, and video tutorials.

Lesson 1. Hygiene and Care of the Patient

1-1 Overview

1-2 Administering a Therapeutic Bath

1-3 Assisting a Bed Bath

1-4 Administering a Towel Bath

1-5 Assisting a Patient to Take a Tub Bath

1-6 Administering  Tepid Sponge Bath

1-7 Care of the Hands and Feet

1-8 Caring for th Eyes, Ears, and Nose

1-9 Care of the Patient with an Indwelling Catheter

1-10 Administering the Backrub

1-11 Oral Hygiene

1-12 Routine Mouth Care

1-13 Care of Dentures

1-14 Special Mouth Care

1-15 Care of Patient's Hair

1-16 Urinal and Bedpan Assistance

1-17 Apply Heat

1-18 Apply Cold

Exercises for Lesson 1

Lesson 2. Positioning the Patient

2-1 Overview

2-2 Body Posture and Body Mechanics

2-3 Positioning the Patient

2-4 Moving and Lifting Activities

2-5 Techniques for Moving Bed Patients

2-6 Range of Motion

2-7 Arms Carry Lift from Floor to Bed Level

2-8 Position Support Devices

2-9 Bed Cradle

2-10 Prevention of Pressure Sores

Exercises for Lesson 2

Lesson 3. Caring for the Patient's Environment

3-1 Overview

3-2 Cleaning a Patient Unit

3-3 General Principles of Bedmaking

3-4 Making the Ambulatory Patient's Bed

3-5 Making the Patient-Occupied Bed

Exercises for Lesson 3

Lesson 4. Specimen Collection

4-1 Overview

4-2 Collecting a Sterile Urine Specimen

4-3 Collecting a Midstream Urine Specimen

4-4 Collecting a Twenty-Four Hour Urine Specimen

4-5 Determining Presence of Occult Blood in Stool

4-6 Collecting a Stool

4-7 Collecting Sputum

Exercises for Lesson 4

Lesson 5. Handwashing Procedures

5-1 Overview

5-2 Performing a Two-Minute Handwash

5-3 Steps for Performing the Two-Minute Handwashging

Exercises for Lesson 5

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