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This course is not intended to be your primary source of information and instruction for CPR. It is intended to provide an alternative source of information or a preview/review of a CPR course conducted by a licensed professional at an accredited school.

As a member of an EMS team, you are expected to know how to perform basic lifesaving procedures in an emergency. Such emergencies can occur anywhere in a home, in a restaurant, or on the highway. In such an emergency, a person's life may depend upon your knowledge of what to do and upon your ability to do the procedure properly and quickly.

This course provides instruction which will enable you to remove an obstruction from a casualty's airway, restore respiration to a casualty who has stopped breathing, and restore blood circulation to a casualty whose heart has stopped beating. Instruction is provided for performing these procedures for an adult casualty, a child, and an infant. Study and know these procedures BEFORE you are faced with an emergency.



Select a lesson to begin:

Lesson 1 Review of the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Lesson 2 Heart Attack and CPR
Lesson 3 Initiate Rescue Breathing on an Adult
Lesson 4 Perform CPR on an Adult
Lesson 5 Remove an Upper Airway Obstruction in an Adult
Lesson 6 Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on a Child or Infant
Lesson 7 Remove an Airway Obstruction in a Child or Infant



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