3.2 Exercises for Lesson 3

1. Confinement in bed increases perspiration growth is stimulated by moisture.

2. Skin irritation from hospital bed linens may result in skin breakdown and subsequent .

3. Continuous pressure over any body part impairs circulation to that part and can cause skin breakdown and eventual  

4. If the patient is incontinent, skin breakdown is likely to occur due to the presence of moisture and     on the skin.

5. At the first sign of redness to the skin, the area should be washed with soap and water and rubbed with  

6. If you notice signs of pressure on a patient's skin, report it to the   .

7. Patient hygiene procedures followed in the morning affect the patient's  throughout the day; care received at the end of the day relaxes the patient and influences the ability to _____

8.   At the end of the day, it is important to check the floor for items such as ______ and _____ , which the patient could slip on or fall over.

9. After a patient's bedside bath, be sure the   are up and the   is within reach.

10.    Respect for the patient's   decreases the patient's emotional discomfort during personal care.

11.    For a bedside bath, maintain bath water between     F and   F.

12.    During the bathing procedure, observe any abnormal skin condition; describe the location, color, size, and how it  to the patient. 13.    An abnormal body odor may be an indication of infection or     disease.

14.    Hot skin could mean fever; cold skin could mean .

15.    Oral hygiene is especially important for patients who breath through their mouths, because their oral     dries out quickly.

16.    Name three types of observations made during oral care, which must be recorded.

a.    .

b.    .


17.    Dentures must be kept in   to preserve their fit and general quality.

18.    When rinsing dentures, be careful NOT to use   water.

19.    Mouthwash and other solutions that contain   should not be used for the patient with ulcerations, as they are frequently very painful.

20.    If the patient is unconscious, oral care should be performed every hours.

21.    Lotions and emollients used during a back massage reduce   and lubricate the skin.

22.    A certain amount of alcohol is absorbed by the skin during back massage; therefore, it should not be used on infants, elderly patients, or patients with disease.

23.    Always use an electric razor on patients with disorders.

24.    When performing perineal care, it is important to remember to wipe from  to on female patients.

25.    The   position is preferred during hair care for weaker patients.

26.    Patient with significant heart or lung disease must be in a     position during hair care.

Answers to Exercises for Lesson 3

1.   Bacterial.

2.   Infection.

3.   Ulcerations.

4.   Bacteria.

5.   Lotion.

6.   Charge nurse.

7.   Comfort, sleep.

8.   Chairs, linens.

9.   Side rails, call light.

10.    Privacy.

11.    110, 115.

12.  Feels.

13.  Kidney.

14.  Poor circulation.

15.  Mucosa.

16.  A correct answer consists of any three of the following:

Swelling of gums.
Unusual mouth odor.
Effect of brushing the teeth.

17.  Water.

18.  Hot.

19.  Alcohol.

20.  Four.

21.  Friction.

22.  Liver.

23.  Bleeding.

24.  Front, back (vagina to rectum).

25.  Supine.

26.  Sitting

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