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NOTE: The field of dental materials is evolving rapidly,  so we strongly suggest you supplement your work here  with a short course, Introduction to Dental Materials.

Part 1: Restorative Materials

Lesson 1-1 Introduction to Dental Materials
Lesson 1-2 Dental Amalgam
Lesson 1-3 Dental Bases and Cements
Exercises for Part 1

Part 2 Resins, Miscellaneous Dental Materials, and Dental Gold/Alloys

Lesson 2-1  Dental Resins for Restorative Dentistry
Lesson 2-2 Miscellaneous Dental Materials
Lesson 2-3 Dental Gold and Gold Alloys
Exercises for Part 2

Part 3 Gypsum Products, Dental Waxes, and Impression Materials

Lesson 3-1 Gypsum Products
Lesson 3-2 Dental Waxes
Lesson 3-3  Impression Materials
Exercises for Part 3


Appendix A: Typical Instrument Setups
Appendix B: Instruments Used in the Restorative Procedures


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