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This course is designed for two groups of learners: (1) For those who need a basic HTML primer before getting into the special features of HTML5, and (2) for those who have a good mastery and basic HTML and want to get up-to-date on the special features of HTML5.

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Part 1. Foundations of HTML

  1. HTML Introduction
  2. HTML Editors
  3. HTML Basic
  4. HTML Elements
  5. HTML Attributes
  6. HTML Headings
  7. HTML Paragraphs
  8. HTML Formatting
  9. HTML Comments
  10. HTML Links
  11. HTML Head
  12. HTML CSS
  13. HTML Images
  14. HTML Tables
  15. HTML Lists
  16. HTML Blocks
  17. HTML Layout
  18. HTML Forms
  19. HTML Iframes
  20. HTML Colors
  21. HTML Color Names
  22. HTML Color Values
  23. HTML JavaScript
  24. HTML Entities
  25. HTML Symbols
  26. HTML URL Encode
  28. HTML Media
  29. HTML Plug-ins
  30. HTML Audio
  31. HTML Video
  32. HTML YouTube

Part 2. Special Features of HTML5

  1. HTML5 Intro
  2. HTML5 New Elements
  3. HTML5 Semantic

2a HTML5 Forms

  1. HTML5 Input Types
  2. HTML5 Form Elements
  3. HTML5 Form Attributes

2b Graphics

  1. HTML5 Canvas
  2. HTML5 SVG

2c Media

  1. HTML5 Video
  2. HTML5 Audio
This course is built around HTML5 Tutorial provided by W3C Schools.

Free-Ed.Net is not affiliated with or endorsed by W3C Schools.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015