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Do you want an ASP.NET learning resource that is more detailed and rigorous? Then you should take a look at this learning opportunity.


Or do you think you need to brush up on your VBScript? Well, here is some help for you:  VB Script Resources


This is an complete introductory course in Microsoft's "classic" ASP server-side scripting language. An essential prerequisite is a working knowledge of VBScript.

Select a Topic

  1. ASP Introduction
  2. ASP Install
  3. ASP Syntax
  4. ASP Variables
  5. ASP Procedures
  6. ASP Forms
  7. ASP Cookies
  8. ASP Session
  9. ASP Application
  10. ASP #include
  11. ASP Global.asa
  12. ASP Send e-mail

ASP Summary

ASP Examples

ASP Quiz

This course is built around ASP Tutorial provided by W3C Schools.

Free-Ed.Net is not affiliated with or endorsed by W3C Schools.

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