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Part 1: Getting Started

1. Understanding JavaScript
2. Creating a Simple Script
3. How JavaScript Programs Work

Part 2: Learning JavaScript Basics

4. Using Functions and Variables
5. Using Strings and Arrays
6. Testing and Comparing Values
7. Repeating Yourself: Using Loops
8. Using Math and Date Functions

Part 3: The Document Object Model (DOM)

9. Working with the Document Object Model
10. Responding to Events
11. Using Windows and Frames
12. Getting Data with Forms
13. Using Graphics and Animation

Part 4: Moving on to Advanced JavaScript Features

14. Creating Cross-Browser Scripts
15. Creating Custom Objects
16. Working with Sounds and Plug-Ins
17. Debugging JavaScript Applications

Part 5: Working with Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

18. Working with Style Sheets
19. Using Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
20. Using Advanced <em>DOM</em> Features

Part 6: Working with Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

21. Improving a Web Page with JavaScript
22. Creating a JavaScript Game
23. Creating <em>DHTML</em> Applications
24. JavaScript Tips and Tricks
This course is built around chapters selected from Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 s, provided by InformIT.com

Free-Ed.Net is not affiliated with or endorsed by InformIT.com

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Revised: June 06, 2015