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About the Software

Microsoft no longer supports FrontPage, yet it remains a very popular web-development tool. It is still so popular, in fact, that it is still commercially available:



This is a basic introductory course.

Part 1. Using FrontPage 2003 for Web Page Design and Creation

  1. Introduction to FrontPage 2003
  2. Working with FrontPage 2003
  3. Create Your First Web Page
  4. Adding a Title to Your Web Page
  5. Web Pages Can Hold Many Kinds of Elements
  6. Finish Your First Simple Web Page
  7. Different Views
  8. Adding a Background
  9. Summary
  10. Q&A

Part 2 Managing Your Web with FrontPage

  1. Hyperlinking to Other Web Pages
  2. Use a FrontPage Wizard to Create a Web Page
  3. Publishing Your Web Page
  4. Introduction to XML
  5. XML and Its Impact
  6. Office and XML
  7. Summary
  8. Q&A
This course is built around chapters selected from Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours, provided by InformIT.com

Free-Ed.Net is not affiliated with or endorsed by InformIT.com

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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