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So, what do  you want to explore and study today?

You have arrived at the right place: If you are planning to build a better life through better education and effective lifelong learning.

You have arrived at the right place: If you are looking for a learning style that suits your personality and immediate career goals.

You have arrived at the right place: If you are willing to assume full responsibility for your success as a student and lifelong learner.

You have arrived at the right place: If you believe learning is a natural human trait and the necessary resources should be freely available to all.

Most people arriving at Free-Ed.Net for their first time don't know how to learn. They might know how to take courses and pass exams, but they don't know how to learn. Think of Free-Ed.Net as a boot camp that forces you to learn how to learn.

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STEM jobs those requiring a mastery of science, technology, engineering or math skills are overwhelmingly in high demand and will account for about 38% of all high-skill jobs created; they are also typically among the highest paid.

'USA Today 10-15-2014

So-o-o. Exactly what are YOU doing about it? Do you know exactly what these STEM topics are ... really? In detail?

Here are four ways to browse or find what you want among the thousands of first-rate learning resources available on this site. Here they are:

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Are You Feeling Lost Here? This is understandable; Free-Ed.Net is truly an unique place. The confusion arises when people arrive with the expectation that the site works like free education sites are "supposed to work."  The expect to select from a list of carefully crafted packages of learning. That might be way that popular education evolved through the past two centuries, but the old "tried-and-true" is no longer relevant in our fast-paced, high-stakes, digitally connected, global culture. Instead of the old one-size-fits-all paradigm, Free-Ed.Net deals  with the reality of human uniquenessthat every person is truly an individual who ought to be free to capitalize upon their individuality.

Free-Ed.Net does not tell you what your learning goals should be and how to achieve them. We simply supply some tools, insights, and opportunities for finding you own way--for experiencing exciting ventures of your choice or design, and engaging with the working world according to your own standards of achievement.

Does Marine Biology seem to fit your dreams?

Discover Your Passion. Like the romantic love of your life, the passion for your work is a matter of heart and soul, not of mind. You don't find passion in a box, at a seminar, in a book, through aptitude tests, or even by way of most career counselors. True passion is found by exploring a world of unlimited variety and rich in potential. Free-Ed.Net is such a place.

Develop Your Potential. Ordinary people use ordinary means to achieve ordinary goals. Virtually all career development programs are designed for ordinary people. OF course such programs are providing a vital service for millions of people--ordinary people. But extraordinary people require extraordinary means for accomplishing their extraordinary goals.


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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