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The GED exam tests your understanding in four subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. So it is obvious that the GED Prep & Beyond program covers each of these subject areas with vigor and all the necessary detail.  In each case, you will find tutorials, sample questions, and other bits and pieces of information that will help you master the subjects as they apply to the GED exams.

This portion of the GED Prep & Beyond programthe part that deals with the four basic subjectsis presented as an asynchronous, nonlinear process.  This means you can concentrate your efforts on the subjects where you feel least prepared, and work on the others when you have the time.  There is no particular sequence or calendar of events to follow.

Collaboration in these studies is strongly recommended, but not mandatory. There is an online forum  for each of the four GED subjects. Its purpose is to provide a point of first contact for others who are studying the same subject and looking for "study buddies."

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