This is where you can learn the "prior knowledge" of social studies that you should have in your head on GED test day.


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Type 1: Video Presentations

Relax and watch these video presentations as you would watch a science program on TV. The purpose is to give you a broad picture of the science disciplines that will help you keep your perspective on the subjects as you study them in much greater detail.

1-1 A Biography of America
1-2 The Constitution
1-3 Democracy in America
1-4 Economics U$A
1-5 Human Geography

Type 2: Tutorial Presentations

These are the subjects that are covered in the Social Studies portion of the GED exam. Although these are basically introductory resources, they are quite detailed and offer a lot of opportunities for testing your general knowledge of the subjects.

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2-1. Civics and Government
2-2. United States History
2-3. Economics
2-4. Geography

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