This is  list of social studies topics suggested by the GED Testing Service:


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This is where you are exposed to the level of prior knowledge that is required for the Social Studies portion of the GED exam. Here is the list of topics suggested by the GED Testing Service:

Part 1: Civics and Government
1-1. Types of Modern and Historical Governments
1-2. Principles Contributing to the American Constitutional Democracy
1-3. Structure of the United States Government
1-4. Individual Rights and Civic Responsibilities
1-5. Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections in American Politics
1-6. Contemporary Public Policy
Part 2: United States History
2-1. Key Historical Documents that Shaped the American Constitutional Government
2-2. Revolutionary and Early Republic Periods
2-3. Civil War and Reconstruction
2-4. Civil Rights
2-5. European Settlement in America
2-6. World Wars I & II
2-7. The Cold War
2-8. American Foreign Policy Since 9/11
Part 3: Economics
3-1. Economic Events that Shaped American Government and Policies
3-2. Fundamental Economic Concepts
3-3. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
3-4. Consumer Economics
3-5. Economic Causes and Impacts of Wars
3-6.Economic Drivers of Exploration and Colonization
3-7.Scientific and Industrial Revolutions
Part 4: Geography
4-1. Development of Classical Civilizations
4-2. Relationships Between Environment and Social Development
4-3. Borders Between Peoples and Nations
4-4. Human Migration

The first priority is to strengthen your ability to read and interpret passages of readings from significant documents from American history and government.

The second priority is to expand your general knowledge of social studies. The more familiar you become with these basic topics, the more comfortable you become with GED-type exam questions.

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