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Emotions are thought to be related to activity in brain areas that direct our attention, motivate our behavior, and determine the significance of what is going on around us. Pioneering work by Paul Broca (1878), James Papez (1937), and Paul D. MacLean (1952) suggested that emotion is related to a group of structures in the center of the brain called the limbic system, which includes the hypothalamus, cingulate cortex, hippocampi, and other structures. Research has shown that limbic structures are directly related to emotion, but non-limbic structures have been found to be of greater emotional relevance.

- Adapted from Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

  1. This paragraph describes portions of the _____.
    1. Human brain
    2. Human heart
    3. Human lymphatic system
    4. Peripheral nervous system
  2. Briefly describe the main topic of this paragraph.
  3. This paragraph contrasts two schools of thought. Describe them.

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