This is  list of math topics suggested by the GED Testing Service:


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Part 1: Life Science

1-1. Human Body and Health
1-2. Relationship Between Life Functions and Energy Intake
1-3. Energy Flows in Ecosystems
1-4. Structure and Function of Life
1-5. Molecular Basis for Heredity
1-6. Evolution

Part 2: Physical Science

2-1. Conservation, Transformation, and Flow of Energy
2-2. Work, Motion, and Forces
2-3. Chemical Properties and Reactions Related to Living Systems

Part 3: Earth and Space Science

3-1. Interactions between Earth's Systems and Living Things
3-2. Earth and its System Components and Interactions
3-3. Structures and Organization of the Cosmos

The first priority is to strengthen your ability to read and interpret passages of science-related text and to interpret graphs and tables.

The second priority is to expand your general knowledge of science. The more familiar you become with basic general science topics, the more comfortable you become with GED-type exam problems.

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