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The math topics listed in the scroll window below are compulsory. If you cannot, or do not, work your way through the entire list, working with each item until you master the idea, you cannot expect to achieve the best math, job readiness, and college readiness GED scores.  You must do them ... all of them.

The tricky part is that the resource provider allows you to perform 20 tasks per day1 (unless you subscribe to their online service). So you need to devise a schedule that allows you to complete this task before you set up your appointment for the GED exam.

The lessons say this is 8th grade math!

Yes, the content provider lists these exercises as being on the 8th grade level. Don't be offended by that, however. The American education system is attempting to recover from decades of poor math teaching and low performance expectations, and the topics listed here are indeed those that will be expected of 8th graders in year 2020. At the present time, most high school seniors struggle with this kind of work. So, in spite of the suggestion that this is 8th grade work, you are actually working at the current high school level.


  1. Is this 20 items per calendar day or 20 items per 24-hour period?  You should be asking yourself questions like that. So devise a plan to determine what is  really meant by "20 per day."  Of course you should share your results with your study buddies.

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