Here you find brief descriptions of the kinds of Language Arts questions and problems suggested by the GED Testing Service:


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The Language Arts exam evaluates your ability to read closely and write clearly.

Reading Skills

About 75 percent of the exercises are taken from nonfiction sources such as business correspondence and technical articles. The remaining 25 percent of the Language Arts exam deals with standard literary fiction.

The length of the readings vary between 450 and 900 words.

Writing Skills

: Much of the writing portion of the exam requires you to read a passage of text, and then write an analysis of it.  This tests your ability to gather information, analyze it, organize it, and present your own impressions with a clearly written, grammatically correct paragraph.

Portions of the Language Arts exam let you play the role of editor. You are given a phrase or a couple of short sentences, and you are asked to simplify some expressions, clarify any confusion, and correct grammatical errors.

It is important to understand that the scoring for reading and writing skills are not limited to the Language Arts section. Your overall language-skills evaluation also includes your responses from the Social Studies and Science exams.

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